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Retro Mama Florals - 16 OZ UV DTF WRAP

Retro Mama Florals - 16 OZ UV DTF WRAP

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UV DTF cup wrap is sized for 16 oz Libbey Glass Cans

Listing is for one UV DTF Wrap (cup not included)

-Premium printed UV DTF wrap

-Permanent and waterproof

-Hand wash only

How to Apply

1. Trim designs to avoid overlapping, then flip over the wrap with design facing down peel & off of backing.

2. Place the wrap on the glass make sure the design is straight and in your desired position. Please keep in mind the wraps are very strong, once it touches the glass you will not be able to change the position.

3. Press the wrap down firmly from center of the glass to the ends. Be sure to not let the ends overlap. Push out any air bubbles with your hands, or squeegee.

4. Continue to rub all over the design with your fingers, use a squeegee tool if you have one and continue to squeegee the design on the glass. Rub in the design very well help properly adhere to the glass.

5. Begin to peel clear film off very slowly, take your time to avoid any cracking! Slow and steady wins the race!

We are not responsible for any application mishaps, or user errors. Please reach out if you need any helps or tips.


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